Monday, November 28, 2011

The Staff Recommends: The Queen of America

Dear Friends,

I have been waiting to tell you about Queen of America for a long time. I read it last summer, back when it was just an advance reader's copy, but now it's your turn. I'm just so sorry you've had to wait!

You might have met Luis and his wife Cindy at our Cinco de Mayo Author Event in 2010, or at the Downtown Glen Ellyn Bookfest in 2011, and if so, then you know what kind of magic awaits you. But if you haven't, I can't even begin to tell you about the wonders of this story. You'll just have to read it yourself.

Queen of America is as beautiful as the cover, which is saying a lot. It's the long-awaited sequel to The Hummingbird's Daughter, the story of Luis' great aunt Teresita, the faith-healing Saint of Cabora from Mexico. You don't have to read Hummingbird first, but if you have, reading Queen of America is like reuniting with long-lost friends.

I laughed, I cried, I marveled at Luis' pumped-up, bigger-than-life characters. Teresita has been exiled from Mexico and is living in Arizona, where assassins and mobs of believers still manage to hunt her down. Her relationship with her boisterous father (I loved him in Hummingbird's Daughter) sadly deteriorates. She strikes out on her own in turn-of-the-century America, taking her faith-healing gifts from Arizona to San Francisco, St. Louis and New York. She might be a saint but she's a famous and independent young woman "on tour." Whom can she trust? Whom can she love?

 It begs for a Hollywood epic. But first, Queen of America wants to be in your hands as you read by the fire with a nice glass of spirits.

Glen Ellyn area readers will be happy to know that we are hoping to plan another Cinco de Mayo this year with Luis Urrea. That will give you and your book club plenty of time to read both Hummingbird and Queen of America before another night of storytelling magic. Click here to go to our website to reserve a copy of the book or buy the Google e-book.

And for a great gift idea, you could wrap up a copy of this book into a gift basket with a bottle of tequila, a lime and some chips and salsa. Yum.

Happy Reading!


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