Tuesday, July 19, 2011

E-Books Now Available At The Bookstore!

Where You Purchase Your E-Books
Makes A Difference in Your Community


Our loyal customers know how long we have waited to be able to bring Google E-Books to our website! The fantastic news is that we are now able to offer you e-books at the same low prices as our competitors. Most e-books are priced in the neighborhood of $9 to $12.

We thank you for your patience, and hope it's not too late to convince you to change your e-book purchasing habits. Our Google E-books may be downloaded to your computer, the i-pad, Sony e-readers, and even your i-phone! The only device they are not compatible with is the Kindle. That is because the Kindle is a proprietary device owned and controlled by Amazon.

For our customers who have already bought Kindles, we are very sorry to lose your e-book business. However, we hope we can still be your number one choice for print books and children's books. Please continue to join us for book club nights and author events, and support us in any other way you can. Perhaps when you upgrade to your next generation e-reader, tablet or device, you could choose a different device that will help you support your local community. Not only does The Bookstore collect sales tax, we contribute to various schools, libraries and not-for-profits right here in Glen Ellyn. We give back right in our own backyard. Something to think about.

ANYWAY, Go check out our new website and the new Google E-Book feature on the right sidebar. (Go ahead, have you got something better to do right now?) Open a Google account if you don't already use gmail, and you're good to go. Maybe you'd like to purchase one of the Staff Picks you see here on the side of this blog, or under the Staff Picks Tab of our new website? HINT, HINT!

If you have any how-to questions, or need some help trouble-shooting, just shoot us an email or call the store at (630) 469-2891. Most of our employees have completed their own e-book purchases by now and should be able to help you.

We thank you for your support. We really do.