Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get Fancy and Receive A Fancy Nancy Gift Pack!

Fancy Nancy Fans!
Fans of the Fancy Nancy books who come to The Bookstore dressed up will receive a special Fancy Nancy Gift Pack, and if the store isn't too busy, we will have a little Fancy Nancy storytime just for you!
Here are two lovely little ladies who were dressed to the nines: tiaras, sunglasses, jewels, the works! After their visit to The Bookstore, they were planning on a fancy lunch with their moms, pinkies up, of course!
For the little boys out there who just don't understand this fancy craze, we also have a Slobby Bobby gift pack behind the counter as well. Just show us your messy hair or dirty jeans!
Plans are underway for a Fancy Nancy Tea Party in the spring. Details will come in our future e-newsletters, so if you're not on our e-mail list or a member of the free Fancy Nancy Club, sign up now. E-mail us at

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