Thursday, October 23, 2008

We Can't Stop Thinking About Little Bee

Our advance copy of "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave (Random House) has been passed from one employee to another with the same feverish, drooling excitement of my springer spaniel awaiting a treat. We had to carefully choreograph each hand-off, as we each darted in and out of town. Sue actually left it on her doorstep for Jenny to grab on her way to the airport. Jenny tells me she read it it one sitting, then had to call the bookstore for my cellphone number, because she just had to talk about the ending!

Our only regret is that we have to wait until February, 2009 to sell it, although it's been available in the U.K. since July under the name "The Other Hand." As for me, the title "Little Bee" is much more fitting because it connects the reader with a character that they will not be able to stop thinking about. We loved Little Bee as both a character and a metaphor for the refugees from Nigeria she represents. You can choose to see a bee as a pest, and swat it quickly before it stings, or you can let the bee fly back to the garden, where it will polinate your flowers.


  1. Margie,
    I loved your comment about the book coming in February, but let's talk about The Art of Racing in the Rain. We all loved it too and it is available now!

  2. As for The Art of Racing in the Rain- it's got something for everyone- family, humor, smart writing, sadness and a wise dog as the narrator!

  3. We are all such dog lovers at The Bookstore, it's no wonder we enjoyed The Art of Racing in the Rain. I remember looking at my dog differently as a result of that book, and spoke to her a little more intelligently and confidingly, because, well, you just never know! What if they do know exactly what we're talking about?

  4. I saw this book at a bookstore in Seattle and I wasn't sure if I wanted to get it. So I decided I would look it up online and possibly get it there. I found this blog, and now I'm getting it from Thanks for your experienced guidence! =)


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